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W.E.B Energy Transition

This is how W.E.B promotes the energy transition

W.E.B has been championing the conversion of our electricity system to 100 percent renewable energy, hence the energy transition, for a long time.     

What is W.E.B actually doing to realize the energy transition?

  • W.E.B-Grünstrom: WEB Windenergie AG converts the power of sun, wind and water into clean electric power. About 200,000 homes are supplied with sustainable energy from W.E.B power plants, thus saving 750 tons of CO2.
  • Regional Energy Supply: W.E.B is developing regional energy supply concepts to achieve the goal of having individual, self-sufficient businesses, regions and ultimately all of Austria. 
  • W.E.B-Mobility: W.E.B is in the testing phase of establishing an infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations in eastern Austria. The reason for such a dedicated enterprise is the high share of mobility in oil consumption. In fact, the energy transition cannot be realized without a reorientation of mobility.     
  • Raising Awareness: The successful conversion of our energy system depends on the commitment and support of each and everybody. Therefore, W.E.B has set its sights on raising awareness and informing the general public by means of various events, publications and presentations in social media on how each of us can play a part in the successful implementation of the energy transition.  


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